The Story – As seen from a police car video, we tune in after these women have apparently driven their car into Lake Ray Hubbard (perhaps the worst name ever for a lake…unless you’re Ray, of course).  They mistook a boat ramp for a road.  Common mistake…could happen to anyone.  After several moments, with the car sinking, Deputy Rowan wades into the water and gets them out of the car.

My View – When the video starts, Deputy Keven “Lightning” Rowan is basically standing on the water’s edge, shining his light into their car as it sinks.  He wants the two ladies to see just how close they are to death.  What a showman!  “Open the door and get out!”  As if they had never considered that option.  “I tried starting it, but I think the engine’s flooded!”  Okay, the driver didn’t say that.  Would have been cool though.  Lightning is clearly pissed off that he has to get his fancy new khakis wet.

But he springs into action!  Eventually.  Just as soon as he makes sure his pockets are empty.  And he gets a quick bite to eat.  And he picks up his laundry.  And he corrects his kid’s homework.  And….oh!  There he goes!  Now that the water is only inches from covering the car, Lightning decides it’s time for action!  He waddles in.  A second officer stands by, making sure no other cars use the boat ramp as a launchpad (two heroes in one story!).

Lightning reaches the car just moments before it’s under.  Very dramatic!  He opens the door and starts helping the women to shore.  But the SHINING moment comes at around the 2:15 mark.  We hear this over the police radio -

Officer #1 – “3214?”
Officer #2 – “Go ahead.”
Officer #1 – “What’s the value on the McDonald’s gift card?”
Officer #2 – “Five dollars.”

I’m assuming the plan was to treat these lucky ladies to hot apple pies once they got to the shore.  Turn down the speakers, Dwayne – you’ll ruin the surprise!

This is a tough call.  Granted, they would have drown (in 5 feet of water) if Lightning hadn’t gone out there.  But a hero?  And who gives a $5 gift card these days?!  So…is this a hero?  Vote below!